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June 5, 2009

Why Johnny Can’t Spell

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My apologies if I’ve been a bit quiet here over the past couple of days, but I’ve had a fair bit going on lately, including a return to work (as much as I enjoy writing here, it’s not exactly paying the bills…  It’s not paying the bills at all, in fact.)  Of course, going back for another Microsoft contract means that I’ve once again got access to the world-famous drink fridges, and all the milk I could possibly want to drink (which apparently isn’t a whole lot these days, but at least it makes it easy to stash a box or two of cereal in my desk for a quick breakfast in the morning.)  As I’ve noted in previous posts, for some odd reason the milk cartons we get in the fridges at work come with these cheesy little bits of vague paper industry and/or nutritional propaganda wrapped around some sort of “activity” on the back  in an effort to entertain and/or enlighten bored elementary schoolers  for roughly three or four seconds while  they eat lunch.  Of course as you might expect of such things, most of these end up being the type of thing that even a third grader would find insipid.  Then again, every so often you might actually learn something from one of these things (for example, I had no idea I was supposed to eat five buckets of veggies a day until the milk carton told me so.)   Of course, on occasion we get something just a bit odd, like the one you see below.  I’d point out the problem here, but since we’ve already established that we’re not exactly dealing with rocket science here, I’ll let you find it for yourself:

If for some unknown reason you find yourself stumped by that (I can’t possibly imagine why) you can always follow the suggestion provided on the carton and head over to for the answer, which I’ve included below to save you the trip:

Um…  Wait a minute, when were we supposed to be looking for a frog?  And what happened to our racooon?  For all we know, landing the front of this milk carton might have been his big break, and now he’s been conveniently made to disappear?  Something’s awfully fishy here…  And speaking of which, has anyone seen the squirral around lately?  I think someone’s got some explaining to do…  And while we’re on the subject, when was the last time any of you saw a koala in their well-managed forest anyway?

May 23, 2008

No Wonder Kids Aren’t Eating Enough Veggies

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It looks like I might have underestimated the mind-numbingly simple milk carton quizzes that I discussed earlier.  Here is one of the latest examples:

Note where the “arrow” in the middle is pointing.  If I’m understanding this correctly, that means that we’re supposed to be feeding our kids 5 bucketloads of veggies per day in order to keep them healthy?  Why not just save yourself the trouble and just install a trough in the dining room?  Sure, the kids might complain a bit, but what kid doesn’t complain about eating their veggies?

April 29, 2008

At Least My Face Isn’t On One of These Yet

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As I’ve noted here previously, milk is one of the numerous free beverages provided in the drink coolers in the breakrooms here, and at this point just about the only one I actually drink.  It comes in the small 8-ounce cartons that are more normally associated with school lunches than with humongous software corporations, so that means we get milk cartons that have this kind of stuff on them:

I guess they couldn’t get “Sit around and play video games all day” to fit on the carton, so they had to go with these two options.  I don’t know if this is supposed to be considered entertaining or what, but I don’t think you could even keep a Kindergartener occupied for more than two seconds with this type of thing unless they have to ask what some of the big words are supposed to mean..  Apparently, you’re supposed to be able to go to this site and find the answer to this, but at the moment it claims that this particular activity doesn’t exist.  I can’t say that I blame them too much…

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