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May 17, 2009

To Boldly Nitpick Where Thousands Have Nitpicked Before: The New Star Trek Movie

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WARNING:  This post is full of spoilers on the new Star Trek Movie.  If you have not yet seen it, and wish to do so, I would recommend that you not read this post until after you have watched the movie. 

Although over the years I have watched quite a bit of Star Trek in its various incarnations, I do not think that I would consider myself to be a Trekkie.  For one thing, I have never really done much besides watching the show itself, and even with that there’s still a fair bit I haven’t ever watched.  I’d say I’ve seen most episodes of The Next Generation, but beyond that I have watched bits and pieces of the other various Trek series (mostly Voyager.)  I haven’t even watched all of the episodes of the Original Series yet.  I’m sure I’ll eventually catch up on all this stuff, but suffice it to say I am not exactly the biggest Star Trek fan out there.

With this in mind, on Friday I finally broke my years-long streak of staying out of movie theaters and joined a number of other people to watch the new Star Trek movie that is out in theaters right now.  I actually hadn’t planned on seeing it, but since all the cool kids were doing it (well, at least the cool kids that weren’t over in  the other  theater for Angels and Demons) and because I began to suspect I might be putting myself at risk for revocation of my nerd license (which is probably already on some sort of probation not only because I took so long to see the Lord of the Rings movies, but because I never bothered reading the books before seeing them) if I didn’t see it, I ended up at a 9:30 showing at the Lincoln Square Cinemas in Bellevue on Friday.  The theater at Lincoln Square actually has an IMAX screen they were showing the film on, but for this one we just stuck with the standard version. 

Although I found the movie to be mostly enjoyable, I found that even taking the loose interpetation of the laws of physics present in the Star Trek universe into consideration, there were still a number of scenes I found to be a bit far-fetched, which ultimately turned into the nitpick post you will find below.  Once again, I will remind the reader that this post is full of spoilers, and is not recommended for anyone who has not yet seen the movie if they plan to do so.  For those of you who might find this type of thing boring and/or headache-inducing, there should be a new Recycled Newspaper post coming soon to give you something more to your liking to read.

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January 10, 2008

Dead Men Sell No Sales

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Ever get the impression that Hollywood is going just a little overboard with product tie-ins these days, especially on the big Summer blockbusters?  This probably won’t do anything to fix that impression:

It’s not just a bed, it’s an officially licensed Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Ship Trundle bed, complete with a “painted” pirate flag that looks suspiciously like the thing they’ve been plastering all over movie posters for the last three years.  Just how much treasure can you expect this bed to plunder from your hard earned checking account?


 That’ll be 800 bucks, and you’ll still need to buy a mattress on top of that.  Maybe if you use it to teach your little bilge rats to pillage lunch money from the other swabs on the playground at recess you’ll either save enough money that you won’t feel totally ripped off by the whole thing.or you’ll have to pay even more when you end up needing to send them to reform school and years of expensive counseling.  More than likely they’ll just get sick of the thing in six months and want something for whatever the next big movie tie-in happens to be.

 Anyone remember back when the studios would at least keep most of the gimmicky product tie-ins in the toy aisles?  Me neither.

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