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April 28, 2009

A Monstrous Helping of Ice Cream – Taking On the Kong Kone

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Nestled along the edge of State Street in Provo, in a relatively quiet strip mall lies Macey’s, an unassuming looking grocery store which is part of a small 10-store chain found throughout the Salt Lake City Metro area.  From the outside, it looks much like any other store you might find in the area (aside from the presence of various food storage supplies in front of the store, which would probably seem just a little bit odd if not for the fact that this is the middle of Utah we’re talking about here,)  Yet behind the walls of this grocery store lies a rich, creamy secret of epic proportions.  Lurking within the deli section is a monster, a true eighth wonder of the frozen confectionery world.  That monster is known as the Kong Kone.  I have come face to face with this monster, and have survived to tell the tale of an encounter with the most gigantic ice cream cone (of Doom) I have ever seen.  This tale may be found after the jump.


December 1, 2008

Odds and Ends From the Trip to Provo

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After a relatively uneventful overnight car trip (if you think there’s no scenery already when driving through Idaho and Oregon at night, try making the drive with thick fog,)  I am now back home in Redmond for a couple of weeks before I take off for Florida and Disney World.  In the meantime, I’ve managed to catch up on some of my sleep from being up all night on the road (insomnia will do that to you apparently,) and I’ve had a chance to go through some of my photos from the trip.  After the jump, I have posted some of the more interesting ones.


November 29, 2008

Why Settle For Less? We Have.

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Although the family Thanksgiving trip has been (mostly) enjoyable, the fact that I’ve been a passenger on this particular trip means that there has been little opportunity to explore here, which is a bit of a shame.  From an urban archaeology perspective, Provo is a fascinating town, with all sorts of old buildings and a bunch of stores that were obviously something else at some point in the past.  Of course, everyone else in my family finds this stuff to be rather boring, so I’ve just had to go with the flow and follow everyone else around.  In spite of this, there have still been a number of interesting bits and pieces that I’ve run across.  Here’s one from across the street from where I’ve been staying:

Surely there has to be some sort of story behind this one.  If you’re making the best tacos and (some other unknown Mexican food item) in Utah, why would you stop?  Has the economic slowdown forced them to focus on their taco making and switch to making mediocre burritos?  Has the Enchilada cartel warned them that bad things might happen if they don’t fall in line?  Has the place fallen afoul of the Zagat survey?  Either way, if you’re looking for the best tacos and (deleted) in utah, here’s your place.  This guy seemed to like the place, but I haven’t had a chance to try the place, so your mileage may vary.

i’ve got a number of things that I’ve run across here, but I’ll probably save those for after the drive back home tomorrow.

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