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January 2, 2010

Well, You Did Say You Wanted Screaming Deals

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Upon visiting the local Target this afternoon, most of the Christmas merchandise had left the store, and what remained carried 75% off tags (nothing I couldn’t live without, most of what’s left was the decorative stuff they bought a couple truckloads too much of.)  In the spot that the Christmas merchandise had spent the last two months in, I came across this: 

While the folks at Target are no strangers to questionable color schemes in the seasonal department, even by their standards this one is pushing it.  I don’t begrudge them a bit of price slashing here and there; they do plenty of it, but they’re usually quieter about the whole thing.  It’s just that  these signs are, to put it bluntly, obnoxious, almost as though the place got attacked by an Old Navy in the middle of the night.  I’m half-afraid to wander through this department for fear of being ambushed by a used car salesman. 

Between typefaces that look like they were designed primarily to speed up ransom note writing  (complete with  del!berately m!sused exclamat!on marks,) combinations of colors that haven’t belonged anywhere near each other since the Ford administration and the apparent use of plain unmarked cardboard as a decorative element, Target’s designers have managed to put together a design scheme that somehow manages to pull off a rare combination of cheapness AND tackiness that few people will dare to go anywhere near again.

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