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January 25, 2008

A Not-So-Super Bowl

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Well, the Big Game That Nobody is Supposed to Name Without Paying Outrageous Licensing Fees(TM) is just a little bit more than a week away now, and if you believe some of the ads that the various electronics stores are running lately, FCC rules mean that it is now illegal to watch said game on any TV smaller than 47 inches.  Surprisingly, in spite of the ever increasing tendency for the various stores to merchandise the heck out of pretty much everything, football related stuff seems to be in relatively short supply.  A few bits of merchandise have made it through the cracks though, including this:

It’s a football-shaped snack bowl, which opens up automatically by pressing the “cleverly disguised” button on the side, and plays the Fox NFL Sunday theme (licensing fees paid in full, I’m sure) before closing itself.  In spite of the relatively voluminous football shape, the interior snack-holding cavity of this thing has roughly enough capacity to hold about ten pretzels at a time, which is about eight more times than the people you’re watching the game with will tolerate this being opened before someone punts it out the window.  Oh, and did I mention that the thing costs $25?  If you can live without gratuitous random fanfare, you can grab a couple of these for $1.60 a pop and actually be able to put a decent amount of snacks into them, and possibly save yourself from being uninvited to next year’s party in the process.


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