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March 7, 2009

Spring Forward, Snow’s Back

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For the most part, since the great big weather mess we had back in December and early January, the weather has actually been fairly reasonable most of the time.  This evening, we got a reminder that Winter isn’t quite over yet here.  Me, my Dad and my brother Jared have been spending a good portion of the day messing around with some of those micro RC helicopters and micro RC planes, and since the living room at my parents’ house wasn’t providing enough space to fly the things in without maiming someone (more on that later), we went up to the church for a while to try flying them in the gym instead.   The weather has been dropping small little petulant chunks of snow to a small degree for much of the day, but just as we were getting away from the church, it began dumping.  By the time we got back to my parents’ house, here’s what the stuff looked like:

Fortunately, my car was just barely able to make it up the street thanks to a couple of areas shielded by trees and the fact that the accumulation hadn’t quite covered everything yet. The rest of the drive home was a bit dicey, and I saw a big truck do what I would presume to be a couple of unintentional donuts in the middle of an intersection over by the 7-eleven in downtown Redmond.  Fortunately, I made it home OK, and upon reaching home here’s what I found at my place:

I’d say that the total accumulation here is around a half inch or so, but all of it fell within the space of about fifteen minutes (and I think there might have been some hail mixed in at the top of the hill too, it was a pretty intense storm.)

If this had happened on a weekday evening, it would have made one serious mess out of things, but thankfully this is on a Saturday evening, and there weren’t a lot of people on the road.  The forecast is saying there could be chances for more snow over the course of the next couple of days, as well as some cold overnight lows to keep it hanging around for a while.  I don’t really care much either way as long as none of the neighbors decide to build obscene snow sculptures this time around…

December 21, 2008

I’m Dreaming of a Not-So-White Christmas

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When I left last Sunday for Orlando and Disney World, the drive from the hotel to the airport was made with an inch of solid ice on the roads, and I encountered several hours worth of weather-related delays along the way, first from deicing the plane before it could leave Sea-Tac, and then from a missed connection that resulted in several hours of extra waiting in Chicago, which added up to get me into Orlando about four hours later than I expected.  Of course, the weather down there was pretty much perfect the whole time, with temperatures in the upper seventies and low eighties, no daytime rain at all during the trip, and basically just a whole lot better weather than we seem to get around here during any month that isn’t July or August.  Of course, I thought that by getting away from here I might be able to dodge the wintry weather up here, but it seems that I got back just in time to hit the worst of it.  I also ended up getting back into Seattle about eleven hours later than I originally planned, although ground transportation would have been a problem at that time (not to mention the commuting mess on the icy freeways,) so it ended up working out reasonably well. 

Fortunately, this last round of storms seems to have not been quite as bad as predicted (for one thing, they were predicting winds powerful enough to cause widespread power outages that seem to have luckily been avoided,) but it was still enough to add another 3-5 inches of snow on top of the stuff that’s already here, and continue to make a big mess out of things (unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to make the obscene snow sculpture next to one of the adjacent apartments disappear though.)  Church has been cancelled today (given the fact that the church building is on top of a hill quite a few people were having trouble getting up yesterday, I can’t say I blame them) and yesterday I had to get my car towed out of my parents’ driveway and up their street in order to get it out.  Fortunately, the car seems to be OK in this weather as long as I don’t try to go up anything too steep, but at this point I don’t think I’m going to be taking any chances on that until things clear up a bit.

As for the trip to Disney World, it was great, although I found that four days is a rather short time to try to get everything in there (in fact, I completely skipped Animal Kingdom on this trip, since I just didn’t have time to get to it,) and there are quite a few things that I’ll be sure to do differently on the next trip, whenever that may be.  I will have plenty to write about from the trip, but for the time being I am still trying to get things back in order up here, and I have more than 1,100 pictures to sort through from the trip.  Not so sure I’d want to deal with the airport hassles of going near Christmas again, but I’d definitely go back there somewhere along the line.  Watch for more on the trip during the next couple of weeks or so.

April 18, 2008

Breaking News: Spring Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

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Late March is considered to be really late in the year to be getting snow around here… So why in the heck are we still getting snow in the middle of April? It doesn’t seem to be sticking around for any length of time. Still, the standard commuter panic seems to be in full effect as a result. I managed to get a short video as well showing the type of snow we got (more like freezing rain, if you want to nitpick,) but since WordPress doesn’t seem to like to embed video off of Photobucket, the link can be found here.

This is about as much as we got before it started to taper off and melt away.  All in all, probably not anything to panic about (I’m sure people will find an excuse to do so nonetheless) but just enough to make us wonder what the heck is going on with the weather lately.

March 28, 2008

Does Anyone Remember What Month It’s Supposed to Be?

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Sure, springtime isn’t exactly known for its bright and sunny weather around here, but… snow in late March?

Granted, it seems to be too warm for anything to stick to the roads (or even the ground, for that matter) but still, there seems to be quite a bit of the stuff coming down out there.  As long as it doesn’t mess up the commute when I go home from work tonight (and it doesn’t look like it will) I can probably learn to live with it.  It also sounds like it’s not going to stick around for all that long anyway, and by Monday we should be back to more Springlike weather.

 Update 1:45pm:  Scratch that.  It looked like the snow was starting to taper off, but whe snowfall has intensified, and it  it looks like the snow is starting to stick here, although not to the roads.  Something tells me I’m going to need to update this again before we’re done with this…

Update 2:30pm:  It looks like the snow is tapering off again, and I suspect that we’re probably not going to get a whole lot more accumulation than we’ve got now (I’d guess about half an inch or so.)  A couple more pictures from over here:

Update 4:00pm:  And just as quickly as the snow arrived, it’s already vanished.  Just minute traces remain.

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