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November 8, 2007

Wandering in Old Bellevue

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With the rapid growth of Downtown Bellevue, I’m not even sure if most people even know there is
an Old Bellevue anymore. In the heart (well, actually a bit south) of the ever expanding collection of skyscrapers is the type of downtown some cities wish they could have. For as long as I have lived here, and for as often as I seem to end up in Bellevue, I’m actually a bit surprised that I have never ended up here at some point. On the other hand, I’m not sure I’d want to try to park here, so there’s probably a reason for that.

While wandering around here, I happened to run into the Porcella Urban Market, a place I once saw recommended on Chowhound. I ended up having lunch there and mostly found it expensive, although the food was pretty good (More on that later.)

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that I can post pictures here while mobile, so I will make a post with those later, wheb I get back to civilization (or back to a desktop PC. anyway.)

Marooned in Bellevue

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Today my car is at the dealer getting a couple of minor issues looked at. Rather than sit around at home all day, I decided to get dropped off in downtown Bellevue so I could wander around for a while. It turns out I can blog from my PPC, although the functionality is limited (and this keyboard is a bit of a pain to do too much typing on.) It appears I will have some time on my hands today, so I’ll post if I see anything interesting.

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